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Building materials CE


CPR (RETULATION (EU) No305/2011-CPR) is a new building product regulation issued by EU on March 9, 2011, which replaces the old building product directive (89/106/EEC-CPD) and announces that CPR will enter the enforcement stage in July 2013.
Background of implementation
CPD Directive of Building Products is a directive for building materials products in many mandatory certification issued by EU. Its purpose is to eliminate different technical barriers among member countries and promote free trade through a unified technical standard. As the building product directives vary widely among member countries, the European Commission plans to replace existing building product directives with new building product regulations (CPR).
Implementation benefits
As a more optimized regulation, it is expected to bring:
1. Describe the basic concepts and the use of CE logo.
2. Simplify the procedures and reduce the cost of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises;
3. Improve the credibility of the whole system.
Latest Requirements
The purpose of the new regulation is in line with CPD, which will retain many core elements of CPD while avoiding differences in local regulations. In addition to the six basic performance requirements formulated by CPD, enterprises also need to prove the environmental sustainability information of the construction products they produce. Therefore, CPR stipulates seven requirements for the basic performance of building products, which are as follows:
1. Mechanical resistance and stability;
2. Safety in case of fire;
3. Hygiene, health and the environment;
4. Safety and accessibility in use;
5. Protection against noise;
6. Energy economy and heat retention;
7. Sustainable use of natural resources.



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