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Measuring CE

Measuring Instruments Directive, referred to as MID 2004/22/EC, has been officially notified by the EU on April 30, 2004 and enforced since October 30, 2006. It is the EU regulation for the supervision and management of measuring instruments. Its directive defines new methodological standards, conformity assessment procedures and the directive. Duration of implementation. Instructions for measuring instruments are EU directives including automatic weighing instruments, refueling machines, length and volume measuring instruments and water meters, electric meters, gas meters and other measuring instruments. The purpose of this directive is to establish a single market for measuring instruments for manufacturers and ultimately benefit consumers.
Measuring Instruments Directive enables the manufacturer to obtain a certificate for all European purposes. In addition, the Instructions for Measuring Instruments provide manufacturers with a range of routes to select conformity assessment for products entering Europe.
Authentication Purpose
The EU Directive on Measuring Instruments (MID) is issued to regulate the single market of measuring instruments in the EU, eliminate trade barriers within the EU and better protect consumers. MID is not only an important application of metrology, but also an important regulation for the qualification assessment of measuring products. The Directive defines ten categories of measuring instruments, including water meters. Gas meter and volume conversion equipment, electric energy meter, calorimeter, log, exhaust gas analyzer, automatic weighing instrument and so on, covering 95% of the measuring instruments sold in the EU market. The manufacturers of measuring instruments should determine the corresponding technical requirements and conformity assessment model according to the classification principle of MID instruments.
Requirements and scope
Measuring instruments are used in public interest, health, safety, order, environmental protection, consumer protection, travel, taxation, tariffs and so on, all of which are in principle required to meet the requirements of MID.
Authentication mode
Mode A is based on DoC of internal production management (A1=+product testing of designated organization)
Type Check of Designated Mechanism in Mode B
Mode G is based on DOC for certification of a single product by a designated organization.
Mode H is based on DoC (A1=+Designated Institution Product Testing) of the Total Quality Assurance System.
Mode C is based on the internal production management type of DoC (C1=+Designated Institution Product Testing)
Mode D is based on the type of QA production process D oC (D1 = production process based DoC)
Mode E DoC of QA-based final product inspection and testing (E1 = QA-based final product inspection and testing DoC)
Mode F is DoC based on the type of product certification of the designated institution (A1 = DoC based on the type of product certification of the designated institution)



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