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Textile and Apparel


Textiles can be divided into:
Category I: baby products, such as baby clothes, drool bag, etc.
Category II: direct contact with skin products, such as women's shirts, t-shirts, underwear, etc.
Category III: non-direct skin contact products, such as jackets and coats;
Class IV: decorative fabrics, such as tablecloths, curtains, etc.
Different national regulations have different testing requirements for different types of textiles. Okai testing can provide corresponding textile testing services for customers according to different national regulations and requirements of buyers.
Testing for harmful chemicals
➡ ️ formaldehyde content
➡ ️ heavy metals (lead, cadmium, etc.)

➡ ️ phthalate (salt)
➡ ️ dimethyl fumarate DMFu
➡ ️ azo / / dye sensitization to cancer
➡ ️ alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO)
Mechanical and physical performance test
➡ ️ fiber content
➡ ️ color fastness to perspiration/water/saliva)
➡ ️ peculiar smell
The dimensional changes ➡ ️ and appearance after wash
➡ ️ washing label verification
Combustion performance
➡ ️ 16 CFR 1610 garment textile combustion performance
➡ ️ children sleepwear combustion performance
➡ ️ China: "GB 18401-2010 national textile product basic safety technical specifications"
➡ ️ America: CPSIA, 16 CFR 303 CFR 1610 CFR 1615 CFR 1616, California, 65
➡ ️ : eu REACH
➡ ️ association Standard: OEKO - TEX Standard, AAFA RSL




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