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What are the common standards for CE certification of switch

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Switching products can be said to be the most common thing we have. Switching is the function of control, with truncation or connection. China's annual export volume of switches is very large. The main market is for the European market. Switches exported to the European Union require CE certification. How much do you know about the content of CE certification? The following is a summary of the standard content of some switch CE certification.
CE certification standards for low-voltage switch control equipment used in industry include:
EN50041, industrial low-voltage switch control equipment, control switch, 42.5×80 travel switch, dimensions and characteristics;
EN50042, industrial low voltage switch control equipment, terminal marking, plus connection of auxiliary electronic circuit elements and contacts;
EN50043, industrial low voltage switchgear, plane connection dimensions and gauges;
EN50047, low voltage switch control equipment for industrial use, control switch, 30 x 55 travel switch, dimensions and characteristics.
For the CE certification of switches common in the home, such as switch equipment for household and similar purposes, the eu EN60669 has been formulated, which includes:
1. Switches for household and similar electrical equipment, general requirements;
2. Switches for household and similar electrical equipment, electronic switches;
3. Household and similar fixed electrical switch, electromagnetic remote control switch;
4. Time delay switch for household and similar fixed electrical equipment.