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SDS Report

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SDS Report
First of all, we need to understand what SDS reports are, when products are asked to report to SDS, many people who have not contacted do not know what SDS reports are, so what is SDS reports? It is a document used to clarify the hazards of a material or product, including hazard classification, physical and chemical characteristics (such as PH value, flash point, flammability, reactivity, etc.) and possible hazards to users'health (such as irritation, toxicity, carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, etc.).
Which products need SDS Report
SDS report mainly requires chemical products, but this is only a vague definition, and it does not clearly define which products need SDS report. Does plastics belong to chemical industry? Many people think that this is a common material and there is no danger should not need SDS report, but plastic belongs to chemical industry in a strict sense. So it's not only dangerous chemical products that need SDS reports. When your products are required to do SDS reports, they usually need to do SDS reports. Of course, it's not chemical products that can do SDS reports. Some non-dangerous non-chemical products can also do SDS reports. This can be explained by a written document. Make sure the product is safe.
Why SDS Report
SDS report is very necessary for chemical products. SDS report can provide detailed instructions and guidance for hazards, chemical properties and operation guidance of products, and provide document guidance for all links of production, circulation and use of chemicals, so as to avoid improper operation hazards caused by ignorance of product hazards. At present, major economies such as Europe and the United States require suppliers to provide SDS reports when purchasing products. Only those who meet the requirements are eligible for further business contacts with purchasing departments.
How to obtain and produce SDS reports
SDS reports that different countries and regions have standard format project requirements and product classification standards. For mixtures, a comprehensive evaluation of product classification should be made according to the hazard classification of product components and the proportion of components in products. All of these need to be done by professional chemical engineers who are familiar with relevant regulations. Due to the lack of professional chemical engineering and understanding of SDS regulations, it is difficult for many domestic enterprises to provide a professional SDS report by themselves, which needs to be completed by professional companies.

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