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What are the requirements of 3C certification?

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Many friends who have just come into contact with 3C certification are confused about the specific conditions of 3C certification. They are worried that their factories or products can not get 3C certification. Here are some basic conditions for 3C certification.
Conditions 1: It is necessary to apply for 3C certification by means of business license (either limited liability company or individual household). A natural person cannot apply for 3C certification by means of his own identity card. And the scope of business license must include the products you need to apply for 3C certification this time. For example, if a manufacturer wants to certify the electric kettle with 3C certification, and if there are household appliances in the scope of business license, that is possible, because the household appliances cover the electric kettle. There are also 3C certification applications in the name of production enterprises, so the business license business scope, there must also be production, manufacturing, processing similar words.
Conditions 2: The factory should have basic production conditions. The so-called basic production conditions refer to the ability of a factory to assemble or produce products depending on its own production conditions, which is the most basic requirement for production. What needs to be added here is that the 3C certification does not require the hardware conditions of the factory, such as the area of the business field, advanced production equipment and so on. The only hardware requirement of 3C is testing equipment, which has clear requirements, such as electronic and electrical products, generally require factories to equip withstand voltage tester and grounding resistance tester. Many small workshops have basic production conditions, a set of quality assurance system, basic testing equipment, to ensure product quality is also fully able to pass the 3C factory inspection.
Conditions 3: Although there is no hardware requirement for the factory, the requirement for software is very high. See in detail: The 3C Certification Factory Quality Assurance Capability Requirement requires the factory to have a set of product quality assurance system documents that meet the 3C requirements, and fully implement them to ensure the quality stability of all the products manufactured, especially the 3C Certification Factory Quality Assurance Capability Requirement. It is to ensure consistency between bulk goods and samples for 3C testing. This is also the core condition of 3C factory inspection, specific reference: CCC factory inspection content and requirements. In this regard, most factories, especially new ones, will seek the help of consulting companies to establish a quality assurance system that meets the 3C certification requirements.
Conditions 4: The products submitted for inspection must pass the corresponding national standards. This is the most important step of 3C certification, that is, enterprises need to prepare samples according to the requirements of 3C laboratory, send them to the laboratory for testing and passing the test. In this regard, our company can also provide high-level consulting services and technical guidance.
To sum up, 3C certification is the basic compulsory product certification system in China, because it is a very common requirement. On the one hand, it is not as high as expected. But on the other hand, it is not easy. The process of 3C certification is complicated, and the requirements of testing and factory inspection are very strict. These are very high requirements. Many enterprises have been exposed to ISO 9001 certification, CE certification and other certification is relatively easy to obtain certification, they think that 3C certification is the same. It is a very wrong idea to go through the hall and get certification easily. If the enterprise has not been exposed to 3C certification, it is too hasty to toss about on its own, often bumping into a wall everywhere, which is time-consuming and laborious and can not get good results. So our suggestion is: this is an era of social division of labor more and more subdivided, professional people do professional things, this is the right way to open.