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ETL certification process and materials to be prepared!

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ETL certification process
1. Prediction: about 1 week
2. It will take about one week to make the payment in time and sort out the documents
3. Eyewitness test: 1 week
4. There is no problem after the eyewitness test is completed, and the factory will be inspected in about a week
5. Certificate issued by factory inspection. (about 5 weeks in total)
Materials required for applying for ETL certification:
Until 2013, there are two ways to obtain the ETL certificate. One is to transfer through the CB test report, or apply directly. The required documents are as follows:
1. Application form;
2. Copy of CB test certificate (no need for direct application);
3. Copy of CB test report (no need for direct application);
4. Sample;
5. Other relevant test results and product data, such as: product manual, photos, component list, etc.;