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How much does UL certification cost?

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UL certification is a highly recognized certification worldwide. Although UL certification is not mandatory in the United States, in fact, it is difficult to find a market for products without UL certification. On the contrary, products that have applied for UL certification can not only improve the quality but also increase the price.
UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories Inc. UL safety testing is the most authoritative in the United States and the world's largest private institution for safety testing and certification. It is an independent, for-profit, professional organization that experiments with public safety.
It USES scientific testing methods to study and determine whether various materials, devices, products, equipment, buildings and other hazards to life and property and the extent of harm; To determine, compile and issue relevant standards and data that help to reduce and prevent the loss of life and property, and to carry out fact-finding business at the same time. UL certification in the United States is a non-mandatory certification, mainly for product safety performance inspection and certification, the scope of which does not include the product EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) characteristics.
In short, it is mainly engaged in the safety certification of products and the operation of safety certification business, and its ultimate purpose is to make contributions to the market to obtain products with a fairly safe level, and to ensure the safety of human health and property. UL also plays an active role in promoting international trade as product safety certification is an effective means to eliminate technical barriers to international trade.
UL certification needs to be audited four times a year, and each time it is reviewed in spring, summer, autumn and winter, the annual cost of maintaining the certification is not small. So how much does a UL certification cost? Below small make up to introduce briefly for and everybody.


The cost of UL certification is mainly composed of two parts: the cost of testing in the early stage and the cost of maintenance in the later stage.

The preliminary test fee is mainly charged according to the standard, so the charge standard of different products is also different. Specifically, we need you to provide products for your evaluation before we can give you a quotation.
The cost of later maintenance is basically related to our audit frequency and frequency. UL certification requires four factory audits per year, one each quarter, so the cost is determined according to the number of times. In addition, there is the cost of UL mark. If you add them together, you don't need to worry. Our company will give you the best discount.