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The latest development of national standards for household a

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Update of applicable standards for mandatory product certification of household appliances, details are as follows:
GB 4343.1-2018 is officially released and will be implemented soon
Electromagnetic compatibility requirements for household appliances, power tools and similar appliances - part 1: emission
Electromagnetic compatibility requirements for household appliances,electric tools and similar apparatus -- Part 1:Emission
Standard status: to be implemented
China standard classification number (CCS) L06
International standard classification code (ICS) 33.100
Issued on May 14, 2018 and implemented on June 01, 2020-06-01
Competent authority: state administration of standardization administration
Focal unit: national technical committee on radio interference of standardization administration of China
State administration of market supervision, China standardization administration
CCC: revised implementation rules for mandatory product certification of household and similar equipment
The China quality certification center (CQC) has recently revised the implementation rules for mandatory product certification for household and similar equipment cqc-c0701-2017.
Main contents of the revision:
1. The certification mode of category A and B enterprises for refrigerators is adjusted to "type test + post-certification supervision";
2. Add requirements related to electric blanket products, including: 1. Scope of application, 2. Certification according to standards, 3. Revision of routine inspection items and test methods of quick-heating water heaters;
3. According to no. 7 announcement of the national standards commission in 2017, 1077 mandatory national standards including controller are converted into recommended national standards, and relevant standards involved in these rules are revised.

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